Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is the difference betwen lawn mower oil and motor oil?

Can I use motor oil in my lawnmower or will it hurt the engine?What is the difference betwen lawn mower oil and motor oil?
No difference at all. It's only the price that differs. but no, It won't hurt the engine.What is the difference betwen lawn mower oil and motor oil?
Not much...just the weight (viscosity- how much it sticks to the moving parts of the internal parts). If you look at a bottle of lawn mower oil and read the weight (SAE-05), you should be able to find motor oil with a similar weight. It shouldn't hurt it at all. Now if you are talking about mixing oil...that is different and I would stick with the product designed for the job. (Mixing oil is used with 2 cycle engines in order to help lubricate the moving parts of the engine). Good luck.
All mower engines require a HD oil...... (thats a HIGH DETERGENT oil) nd-30 is out of date... and is for water pumps, not engines anymore.

Engine oil for a mower, or car engine....., it'll do fine in either....

5w-30, 10w-30, 5w-40,10w-40, 15w-40...... all fine to use.... (be aware that a multi weight CONVENTIONAL may cause more consumption over a synthetic of the same weight or straight wieght.)

hd-30 is fine.... but thats it.. its FINE to use...., must not be used under 40 degrees F due to the fact it gets thicker, not thinner in the cold like a multi weight..., and protects just as good as a multi weight at operating temp...

Multi weights will guarantee a very good cold oil flow (which is when most of the wear occurs)
For the lawn mover it requires a non detergent oil it has a SAE rating you don't have to buy a bottle of oil that is labeled lawnmower oil just purchase a bottle of SAE 30 w motor oil and its the same thing 10w30 is a multi grade oil that has detergents for cleaning you don't want that
the price
Lawn mower oil is SAE 30. Motor oil is, for example, 10W40 ot 10W50. They are different weights and viscosities. Any time you use an oil other than manufacturer's recommendations, you stand a change of damaging the engine. Don't use motor oil in your lawn mower.
If it is a 4-cycle engine, nothing. 2-cycle require 2-cycle oil.
Motor oil that goes in the crankcase is the same. if you have a mower that needs pre-mixed fuel then no.Pre-mix is the type where you mix 2 cycle oil and gas.


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